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Emily Tate, LRIC, School Based Registered Play Therapist ®
Play Therapy | EMDR | In person & Online Sessions

Have you ever felt like you wish you knew how to help you or your kids with their big feelings? We all need a little help from time to time, and I’m passionate about helping individuals work through their feelings, traumas, and grief in  a fun, playful way. Prior to pursuing my LPC, I was an elementary school counselor for 20+ years and in that time had the privilege of helping many children and their families learn how to navigate developmental issues, depression, anxiety, ADHD, gender identity, traumas, learn about their brains, coping skills, and so much more, all while having fun and playing, which is the way kids learn, work, and process. 


I am currently completing my residency under the supervision of Jettie Norfleet, LPC. My clients during my residency have ranged from 3-79 years old, and I’ve enjoyed helping my clients through a wide variety of issues, predominantly rooted in trauma. In April 2023 I became a School Based Registered Play Therapist.  I am also trained in  EMDR and Ego States, and am a Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Practitioner. I love to help my clients understand the deeper meanings of behaviors and feelings so they can really address the root issues and have stronger coping skills to lead them through life. I use play, brain based interventions, SSP, mindfulness, expressive arts, Sand Tray, Parts work,  and EMDR to help clients explore and learn about themselves and feel empowered to tackle their “stuff” with more confidence. I believe in  the power of proactive intervention and that if we can give ourselves and our  kids the gift of therapy in a playful, early way, we are setting them up for so much success throughout their whole lives. 


I have a therapy dog named Milo who loves to come to work with me and support my clients and coworkers. He is a sweet lump of love who takes his work very seriously. He has an innate knowledge of what my clients need and is there to support or just hang out. 


It’s my honor to get to work with you and your kids, and I’m so excited to help your family grow and thrive together! 


Certificate in Professional Counseling, Virginia Commonwealth University
M.Ed., School Counseling, Virginia Commonwealth University

To schedule an appointment, please call
(804) 322-7185,  or e-mail


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