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What is EMDR

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, known as EMDR, is a highly researched and very effective treatment model used to treat the emotional and physical effects of trauma, PTSD, and chronic stress . One of the most innovative uses of EMDR therapy has been in treating performance related issues. EMDR uses the same process to help decrease stress and anxiety surrounding work, school or other types of performance. Examples of performance-related issues may include:

  • Test anxiety

  • Fears surrounding public speaking, interviews and presentations

  • Anticipatory anxiety

  • Inconsistent performance

  • Poor stress management skills

  • Recovery from sports injuries  

EMDR Can Help With

Our EMDR Therapist:

Jettie Z., LPC

Certified EMDR Therapist

EMDR Consultant In Training

EMDR and Black therapist in Virginia  Jettie Z. Norfleet, LPC
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